Kalorik BK Dual Layer Air Fryer Review

Kalorik BK Dual Layer Air Fryer– Modern Technology Makes Healthy Eating Possible!

The Kalorik BK Dual Layer Air fryer will make you wonder how you ever cooked before without it. Thus, it is one kitchen purchase you will not regret. Its compact size makes it ideal for 1. But it can cook for as many as two. So it’s a great starter for couples looking to shift their eating habits towards a healthier path. Considering its size, you can cook a wide range of recipes in it and still come up with amazing results. Think beyond French fries or chicken fingers and consider greater variety with fried shrimp, egg rolls, and even chimichangas. Hence, its great potential your kitchen.


  • Powerful – Thanks to modern technology, the rapid hot air circulation feature of this compact air fryer is capable of cooking you a delicious and healthy meal.
  • Versatile – You don’t need to use a separate pan or wait for your first meal to finish cooking in the air fryer. Its dual layer rack allows you to cook two meals at a time.
  • Oil-free cooking – Your diet becomes healthier at once when you start using this air fryer because you don’t need to add oil when you cook with it.
  • Less smell, less mess – The typical oil smell disappears when you use this air fryer. In addition, you don’t have to deal with messy oil splatter you would otherwise have if you used a traditional deep fryer.
  • Adjustable temperature – You can set the air fryer to the appropriate temperature suitable to cook the food item you have in mind. Best of all, the food icons on the appliance itself serves as a handy guide for you. So, no need to wonder if you undercooked or burnt your meal. The built-in timer works alongside it. Thus, you don’t have to stay by your air fryer while it cooks. It will turn off on its own once your food is done to perfection.


  • Easy cleanup – No one enjoys cleaning up after cooking. The Kalorik BK Dual Layer Air fryer spares you from the hassle of cleanup. Its removable parts are ready to place in the dishwasher for your convenience. So no scrubbing necessary. Plus, no messy oils to worry about.
  • Minimal preheating time – Unlike other air fryers, preheating time with the Kalorik BK Dual Layer Air fryer is minimal and in some cases not even required. Thus cooking time is faster.
  • Compact – The size of the air fryer is ideal for someone who is single or for a couple. It won’t be cumbersome to leave on your countertop or store in the cabinet.


  • Peeling – The non stick coating tends to peel off after a few months. When it does, it becomes harder to clean because food has stuck to the basket. Likewise, getting your food out of the basket is trickier. You have to be careful not to pull apart your food as you take it out.
  • Small for families – The size of this air fryer will not be enough for a family. While it might be possible to do several cooking batches at a time, chances are your family will be too hungry to wait for it. If so, then they could end up calling up for pizza rather than wait.


This fantastic Kalorik BK Dual Layer Air fryer is compact, easy to use and versatile. It can even perform a range of functions aside from air frying. Hence, it offers you endless possibilities in the kitchen. However, its small size is best suited for one person use or for a couple.

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