Black Decker Purify Air Fryer Review 2020

Black Decker Purify Air Fryer – Eat Fried Foods Without The Guilt!

Experience a tasty yet healthy change in your kitchen with the Black Decker Purify Air Fryer. You can once again enjoy fried foods without feeling guilty about breaking your diet or your doctor’s advice. Its two convection fans are powerful enough to air fry your food. You can expect the results to be quick, even, and delicious. Some might even say it can do magic on the kitchen counter.

Hence, you might as well consider yourself as the lovely magician’s assistant with every delightful meal you pull out of it. No doubt, you will even endorse this particular item to your family and friends. However, don’t expect any kickbacks from the company.


  • Double convection fans – Its double convection fans allows the hot air to pass around the food inside the fry basket. The results are guaranteed to astound you as the food always comes out crisp and quick. Best of all, it cooks in an even way.
  • 2 liter fry basket – Two liters is equivalent to about 8 cups of food. This translates to approximately 8 pieces of chicken wings or 2 sliced up potatoes. The quantity is good enough for one or two people.
  • Variable temperature control – You should be aware not all foods cook at the same temperature. So depending on what you plan to cook, the air fryer’s temperature control ranges from 0 to 400 degrees. Thus, you can cook a wide variety of meals with it without fear of burning or undercooking your food.
  • 60-minute timer – Similarly, not all foods cook at the same time. Unlike other air fryers, the Black Decker Purify Air Fryer’s timer is 60 minutes long. So, you don’t have to reset your timer to cook in case it’s not yet ready.
  • Easy to operate – The item requires preheating. Even so, it is easy to operate as a pair of indicator lights will show when it is ready. So, no guesswork involved.


  • Oil-free cooking – Its high powered convection fan assures you your food comes out crisp even with just a small amount of oil. Sometimes you don’t even need to add oil. Indeed, it is that powerful.
  • Wide variety of recipes – Rest assured you can cook a lot more than just French fries in your Black Decker Purify Air Fryer. You can even throw in frozen vegetables as well as pizza rolls to enjoy after just a couple of minutes. Use it to make snacks and dinner easily.
  • Cool to touch – Don’t worry if you accidentally touch the handle while it’s operational. You won’t burn your hands while taking out your food. The handle is cool to touch. However, take care not to put the food in your mouth at once or else you risk burning your tongue instead.
  • Easy clean up – The removable parts of the air fryer consist of its basket, separator, and pan. All of these are non stick and makes cleanup a breeze. Best of all, these are dishwasher safe.


  • Small size – The size might not be advisable for families. However, it would work well for singles and couples. However, the amount of food isn’t the only thing small about this air fryer. The writings on the temperature control and time indicators might require a magnifying glass to read.
  • Loud – The air fryer tends to be a bit noisy while cooking.


Eat fried foods without the guilt with the Black Decker Purify Air Fryer. You can cook a wide range of recipes with it because its variable temperature control guarantees your meals will come out perfect every time. However, it is not as quiet as other products in this category. So you might end up putting earplugs while it is cooking.

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