Big Boss Oil less Air Fryer Review

Big Boss Oil Less Air Fryer Review – Triples Your Cooking Power!

The Big Boss Oil less Air Fryer takes charge of your kitchen and promises to make over your eating habits for the better. Indeed, it is just what the doctor ordered to kick start your healthy lifestyle. Thus, it’s a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Anyone who is cynical about air fryers will have a pleasant surprise with this particular product. To begin with it is easy to use. Even a kitchen novice can operate it – thanks to its user-friendly panel. Indeed, you don’t have to make a guessing game out of the correct temperature for specific foods.

The Big Boss Oil less Air Fryer lets you enjoy your favorite fried foods with less oil. Best of all, you can do so for every meal – from breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is even possible to make desserts with it. So, you can enjoy healthy eating all day long.

A distinct feature of the Big Boss Oil less Air Fryer is its two-tray design. Imagine being able to cook two meals at a time. What’s more, both meals are prepared without oil. You get double the health benefits without having to exert the extra effort.

So, whether you plan to buy one for yourself or give it as a gift rest assured the Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer will not let you down.


  • Oil-less cooking – It saves you from adding extra calories to your food if you had cooked with a lot of oil using a traditional deep fryer. Depending on what you plan to cook with the Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, you would only need a small amount of oil or in some cases none at all.
  • Energy and time saver – You save energy and time when using the air fryer. It only consumes 1300 watts. Best of all, its two tray design let you cook more than one type of food at a time.
  • Large cooking capacity – In addition to its two tray design, the air fryer has a 16 quart capacity. So you will have enough food to feed your family. Likewise, it is convenient when you are planning a party. You don’t need to cook with multiple pans and trouble yourself with cleanup later on.
  • Triple power – Other fryers are only equipped with infrared or convection power. The Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer goes the extra mile and triples your cooking power. In addition to infrared,


  • Homemade restaurant quality food – Enjoy restaurant quality food right in the comfort of your own home with a crisp texture and juicy inside. Every bite you take would please your taste. Moreover, it will make you forget you are eating healthy.
  • Air tight seal – You don’t have to worry about your kitchen or even your whole house smelling like deep fried food. The air tight seal of the air fryer locks in flavor as well as any unpleasant odor you might get while cooking. What you are left with is the satisfying and enticing aroma of a well cooked meal. No doubt it will make your mouth water with anticipation.
  • Versatile – In addition to working as an efficient air fryer, you can also use this appliance as a dehydrator. Hence, it offers a lot of savings since you don’t have to buy a separate item to dehydrate your favorite fruits into snacks.
  • Fries on demand – When you are in the mood for some fries any time of the day, the Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer is ready to serve you. Take your pick of spiral or regular cut-up potatoes and toss them in. You can enjoy your fries in a couple of minutes.


  • Undersized bowl – Although it indicates a 16 QT capacity, the bowl only seems to hold 13 quarts.
  • Slow cooking – Compared to other air fryers, the food does not cook as quickly.
  • Cleanup concern – The appliance has a lot of parts to it. So, cleanup isn’t as easy as with other air fryers wherein you simply pop the basket into the dishwasher.
  • Bulky – Unless you have a large kitchen with wide counters then you might not mind having this on display all the time. However, if you lack the space then you could have problems when storing this item when it is not in use.


The Big Boss Oil- ess Air Fryer is the ideal choice for a family or for someone who enjoys entertaining guests. It large cooking capacity allows you to cook enough for seconds or to make two meals at once. The combined power of halogen, convection, and infrared guarantees your food comes out perfect every time. More so, you can even compare food made with the Big Boss Oil less Air Fryer to restaurant quality cuisine but with less fat. So, it is delicious and healthy for you and your family.

However, its size can be an issue for families with small kitchens. It is quite bulky and can take up a lot of counter as well as cabinet space when stored.

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