BELLA Electric Hot Air Fryer Review 2020 – A great air fryer

BELLA Electric Hot Air Fryer Review– You’ll Be Believer From The Very First Bite!

The Bella Electric Hot Air Fryer is bound to convince any skeptic who thinks deep frying requires tons of oil to achieve crisp and hot cooked meals into a fan. People are often wary of these types of devices as they claim it is possible to deep fry food without any oil at all. Many fear they will miss out on the crispness more so on flavor.

Indeed, many cannot imagine fried foods without oil. This is not the case with the Bella Electric Hot Air Fryer. In fact, once you try it, you’ll be extremely happy with the results every time. Best of all, you can cook a wide variety of meals. So, it is good for more than just cooking French fries. In no time, you will be using it to fry your favorite foods you’ve had to avoid because they involve cooking in oil.

The Bella Electric Hot Air Fryer promises to be a main star in your kitchen. From the first time you use it, you will be amazed at how perfect it fits into your new healthy lifestyle. Over time, you may even wonder how you got along without it. So you can rely on it always.


  • Oil free cooking – You don’t have to drop any oil into the basket to cook your food. So, you avoid adding unnecessary calories to your meals as well as excess fat harmful to your overall health.
  • Convection technology – The technology behind it traps moisture in fried foods so every bite you take is juicy and flavorful. Its powerful heat system is powered by 1500 watts to guarantee your meal comes out evenly and crisp every time. Best of all, it provides quick heating time so no one gets hungry while waiting for their food.
  • No more guess work – Its indicator lights let you know when cooking time is done. So, it saves you from guessing if your food is ready and you don’t have to peek inside the basket every time.
  • Regulate temperature – You have the option to choose the right temperature to suit the specific food item you want to fry. Thus, you can be sure your results will not turn out burnt or underdone.
  • Large cooking space – It is the perfect size to feed a family. The 2.5 liter basket has room for as much as 2.2 lbs of food. So, everyone can have a taste of wholesome deep-fried foods.


  • Easy to clean – You no longer have to bother with used oil after cooking with the Bella Electric Hot Air Fryer. In addition to its oil-free cooking feature, cleanup is a breeze. All you have to do is pull out the baking tray and place it in the dishwasher. It’s fast and simple.
  • Versatile – Whatever food you can cook in your traditional deep fryer, the Bella Electric Hot Air Fryer can fry it too. More so, does a better job of it without any oil. However, it can also do more than fry. You can bake a cake or a loaf of bread in it. Imagine roasting chicken or any other meat inside it. The possibilities are endless.
  • From frozen to fried in minutes – No need to worry if you forgot to take the food out of the freezer to thaw before cooking. The convection technology of the Bella Electric Hot Air Fryer will cook it to crispy perfection in less than fifteen minutes.


  • Plastic odor – The appliance tends to emit a plastic smell when first used. In some cases, the smell goes away after a few uses. However, when it doesn’t then it can also affect the way the food tastes.
  • Sensor issues – Problems with the latch on the pull out drawer can cause the sensor to stop working. In some cases, you might have to tinker with it a bit if only to get the appliance working.
  • Single layer cooking – Despite the capacity of the basket, it seems you can only get a decent fry with just a single layer. Otherwise, the outcome won’t be as crispy as you expect it to be.


You’ll love the Bella Electric Hot Air Fryer. This amazing piece of equipment might be small yet it can satisfy your desire for deep fried foods without oils in minutes. So, be ready to indulge your cravings because it can deliver. Best of all, it can do more than just fry. You can also use it to bake and roast likewise with less fat than before. Guess what, it can even be used to reheat day old foods to make them crispy again. So there is no doubt, the Bella Electric Hot Air Fryer will change the way you eat for the better.

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